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A new release of PICAXE VSM, v1.0.4, is now available as a free upgrade for all registered users. The software can be downloaded from www.picaxevsm.com

This release addes the following features:

1.0.4 19.01.2009
Upgraded ISIS core to
- greatly enhance simulation speed
- reduce convergence and step errors
- improved simulation accuracy
- added hundreds of new parts
- add colour coding syntax for BASIC program
Modified models to use universal PICAXE compilers
Modified models to improve power rail modelling
Fixed issue with nap not parsing correctly
Fixed issue with hi2cout not outputting first byte
Fixed issue with 28X1 code usage report locked at 256
Fixed issue with last lookdown value not being checked
Fixed issue with stop bit polarity of serout/sertxd
Added support for PICAXE-18M
Added support for 'readoutputs' value on 28X1
Added support for 'readportc'' on 28X1
Fixed various issues with portc simulation on 28X1/40x1
Fixed compiler issue with 'on gosub' code line numbers
Fixed compiler issue with 'select case' code line numbers