PICAXE Robotics Guide - Secondary School


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This is a small contribution to PICAXE teaching.
It's a Reference Guide (still in development) I use with my 13-15 y.o. students.
There are lot of sensors and actuators with circuits, programs, practices and about one hundred videos.
Sorry, it's in Spanish (by the moment)!

I hope you like it!


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Hello Francisco,

The website seems very well structured with a clean, sober layout and also well readable on a small mobile phone, which I can imagine to be an advantage in a classroom.
Out of curiosity: is this the first year that you have started used the PICAXE? Do they need to finish some small project for the course? Do they like the approach using the PICAXE?



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Hi Jurjen
I'm using PICAXE for 8 years at School
In my BLOG you can see lots of robotics practices and proyects
Last two years I'm using the Guide to introduce each element (mainly sensors and actuators) before abording proyects