Picaxe programmer PCB for CH340 "Gold" USB Serial Adapter


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From Goetex via Erco, this PCB plugs into this CH340 usb serial adapter and programs a picaxe with 3-pin SIL programming socket, using a 74HC14 to invert the signals.

Attached Eaglecad brd and sch files must have ".txt" removed from their names to be used. Zip file can be sent directly to (for instance) JLCPCB.com--cost for 5 with slow boat shipping is $8.33 to U.S.

(For some reason, all the tools are greyed out, so I can't make links or post photos--I'll fix if they reappear.)


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Pics attached because I can't insert them.
picaxe ch340 programmer2.jpg
picaxe programmer ch340 PCB.jpg
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I did something similar 2 year ago using 2 2N2222 and 4 resistors to invert the signals (the 8 pins socket allows on board programming of complete m2 serie and microswitch for hard reset for onboard programming) and lately, a full programmer for 8m,14m,18X 20m amd 20X using the same signal inversion.



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What most people like about the ch340 USBserial to TTL modules ,
being a modern device plug them into Windows 10 and drivers load instantly ready for PE6 to use!

The ch340g module you have also has a little brother ch340c(which should also suit your board)
comes with a micro usb port cost me about US $1.21 + 0.69 postage ,
handy because I seem to have a few of these cables everywhere and small enough you can leave in the project.
I was surprised how small these ttl to rs232 driver modules 2 for US $0.69 + 0.69 postage.( but haven't tried them yet)
perhaps these could be added to rev ed 401 like shield with a 20 pin socket would make an ideal board .I'd buy some lol!
For cables of 10 ft or less, you can easily communicate with an RS-232 port by using these inexpensive interfaces
nearly all that are available today use 5V TTL like the FTDI module above and the picaxe027 rather than RS-232 voltages.
you can usally get a 5 fold increase in distance just using a Max232 driver TTL to RS232
Early standards of the RS-232 devices recommended limiting cable length to
50 ft, and this is still a good general guideline. For data rates of 20 kbps or less,
you can use just about any type of cable at this length or less.