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So far, I have made a picaxe organizer with Notepad, timer and temperature features.

I am using:
- 4 x 20 Blue backlit LCD display (LCD #118)
- 40X1
- 24LC256 EEPROM
- 1 (2 in future) DS18B20 Temprature sensor
- USB Keyboard
- Piezo Buzzer
- 16 Mhz Resonator
- NEW - DS1307 (Not necessary but timer is more accurate)



- Keyboard detection
- Menu
- NEW - Small - 2378 bytes - can fit on 600 line picaxes! (Eeprom downloading code will need to be edited & hi2cin/out needs to be replaced by write/readi2c)


- Supports all Characters & symbols & numbers (except 2 sypmbols)
- Uppercase and lowercase (using shift and capslock)
- Tab, backspace and delete features
- arrow keys to change position
- ability to remember what has been written (using external eeprom)
- upto 100 Pages (using pageup / down buttons)
- led's on keyboard turn on/off with capslock (scroll lock acts as shift)


- count up / down options
- user friendly
- Buzzer beeps for 2 seconds(countdown only,1 second on 1 second off * 2)
- ^ Repeats every minute until user presses button.
- Accurate timing (possibly using a clock in future)


- accurate measurements to tenths of degrees
- Large numbers for making eaisily readible from distance

NOTE: All code and photos have been downloaded, Stage 1 - 3 is ran once, before organizer4
I will make a electrical plan tomorrow showing how the keyboard is wired up etc.

To download code / photos / schematic click here
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Sounds excellent.

But I'm not quite sure what the poll is asking?

If it does what 'it says on the tin' then I think you've done a terrific job, well done.
And I'm sure lots of people would like to see this in more detail.

And yes, putting well used text onto EEPROM is a good idea.


Like Dippy, I'm a little confused what the poll measures.
9/10 if it does what it says on the tin and there is enough information for me to make my own. 0/10 for what I can gain from what has been posted so far.

For example, how would you rate this project:-
An 08M engine controller that fits into the space shuttle.
It halves the amount of fuel needed to get to the moon.
I can't publish the circuits because they are NASA patented.
I'm still trying to get the code to fit an 08M.
I am currently taking some photo's and editing the code so I can publish it online. The poll is asking a sort of a general rating of the project, if you like it or not, etc.

I should have the code and photos done within about 16 hours (tommorow AEST)

UPDATE: Photos have been uploaded, check first post.
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I'm intrigued as to how the USB keyboard is being used and interfaced. Look forward to seeing the pictures and the code as well.


You've put a lot of work into that, well done.

Is it a school/college project?

Non-broadbanders may apreciate some compression/lower res for those imag files.
You've put a lot of work into that, well done.

Is it a school/college project?

Non-broadbanders may apreciate some compression/lower res for those imag files.
It is not a school/collage project, just to learn picaxe programming, because this is my first picaxe.

Non-broadbander versions are up! goto the small pics folder for those
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I believe the "USB keyboard" is just a dual USB/PS2 keyboard, and he is using the PS2 parts. Your text editor is interesting (I'm the guy that made the picaxe laptop). Is typing faster than it can handle it an issue? You do a fair amount of decoding for each letter. Also, I think you may have issues fitting it on an 18X (the ones with ~600 lines of code), just because there is no keyboard input command with a timeout. That eliminates using the timer function while trying to use anything else (not sure if yours actually does that, however). Neat project, though. We were definitely thinking along the same lines! (I wanted mine to be a bit more portable though . . . box building turned out to be the hardest part).
Brietech your right, the 18X doen't have kbin, so it wont work.

In regards to the decoding, that is not a problem.

[COLOR="Blue"]let[/COLOR] lettertime = lettertime + [COLOR="DarkOliveGreen"]1[/COLOR]                     [COLOR="Green"]'Counter +1 once per 50msec[/COLOR]         
[COLOR="Blue"]kbin[/COLOR] [[COLOR="DarkOliveGreen"]50[/COLOR],notepad],[COLOR="Purple"]w0 [/COLOR]                               [COLOR="Green"]'Get Key[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Blue"]IF[/COLOR] [COLOR="Purple"]b0[/COLOR] = lastletter [COLOR="Blue"]AND[/COLOR] lettertime < [COLOR="DarkOliveGreen"]5[/COLOR] [COLOR="Blue"]THEN[/COLOR]
	[COLOR="Blue"]IF[/COLOR] [COLOR="Purple"]b0[/COLOR] = [COLOR="DarkOliveGreen"]$66[/COLOR] [COLOR="Blue"]THEN[/COLOR]                            [COLOR="Green"]'Backspace Button[/COLOR]
		[COLOR="Blue"]pause[/COLOR] [COLOR="DarkOliveGreen"]100[/COLOR]
		[COLOR="Blue"]pause[/COLOR] [COLOR="DarkOliveGreen"]50[/COLOR]
		[COLOR="Blue"]let[/COLOR] lettertime = lettertime + [COLOR="DarkOliveGreen"]1[/COLOR][COLOR="Green"];[/COLOR]
		[COLOR="Blue"]goto[/COLOR] notepad
	lettertime = [COLOR="DarkOliveGreen"]0[/COLOR]

lastletter = [COLOR="Purple"]b0[/COLOR]
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In regards to the usb keyboard, as shown on the schematic, All usb keyboards I have tested it with, all use the same connections.