PICAXE on MAC OS 10 Vn 15.5


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Hi. I ma a teacher and have taught PICAXE as part of my Systems Engineering course for a number of years. However, my students mainly have Mac computers running version 15.5.__ . The following message comes up when they try to install. "The developer of this app needs to update to work with the version of Mac OS. Contact the developer for more information."
Just wondering of this is going to be fixed or if there is another way around the problem.


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Deathly silence.

Unfortunately a lot of tried and trusted software no longer works with the latest version of Mac OS and this is about to get a whole lot worse as they are soon to ditch Intel processors.

VS Code can be easily made to work in place of Macaxepad (the downloads on the Picaxe site do not seem to be compatible with the latest version of VS Code but 10 minutes with the VS Code help will allow syntax checking and compiling/downloading to be set up) although possibly the command line compilers will also not be compatible with the latest Mac OS so this will not solve the problem.

So let us hope that some kind person at Picaxe will recompile Macaxepad or the command line compilers so that the Mac community can continue to work with Picaxes.

There was another thread on this same topic last year (https://picaxeforum.co.uk/threads/macaxepad-needs-to-be-updated-for-64-bit-for-future-compatibility.31362/) which just petered in October 2019 and since then nothing seems to have happened.