Picaxe Net Server and i2c


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Good day, all.

I'm looking for some help using the Picaxe Net server (NET001) talking to a Picaxe 28X via i2c please. From the Net001 manual I understand how the Picaxe monitors and controls the i2c lines, but I don't understand how the Net server does this. Does it use CGI commands, if so which ones? My application requires a) the Net server writes a value via the i2c bus, b) the Picaxe reads this value, does some things and writes another value back via the i2c bus, c) the Net server reads the returned value. The data will be written to the same memory address throughout.

Also the manual talks about 26 general purpose registers that can be read and written by the Picaxe and the net server. How does the Net server do this? The manual only shows CGI command 12 for writing to these registers.

I would appreciate any help with the above.

Many thanks