Picaxe Maxed Variables Confusion

I am currently experiancing a problem where my 14M2 connected to a Digi XBee via a splitter resistor circuit which is 10k:1k.
My problem is that even when the XBee is off the Picaxe still experiances max signal input. Why is this? How can I stop this from happening?

It is like this circuit, just the LDR is 1k R1 is 10k the positive rail is the Digital output via the XBee and the negative rail is the Digital input for the XBee.

Update, I have discovered theat the disabled status on the XBee pins is still allowing some current to pass through which is keeping the Picaxe pins at a max state.
I am thinking about switching the resistors so that instead of about 90% of the current going to te Picaxe, 10% will instead.
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It's not clear to me how you've configured your circuit and code and what the results really are. Could you post a circuit diagram of the way your XBee connects to the PICAXE input (can be a photograph of a hand-drawn circuit). Please post your code that demonstrates the problem. Also, what is the voltage of the XBee's output?


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even when the XBee is off the Picaxe still experiances max signal input.
By "off" do you mean "receiving no signal" or "with no power applied", or something else? This might be a "phantom power" issue or an "open collector output" issue, or simply a misunderstanding about the choice of the potential divider ratio, but we really need more details of the XBee module and a circuit sketch.

Cheers, Alan.