PICAXE laser tag gun sound effects

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Hey all,
I am currently making a laser tag game for school, using a PICAXE chip and am having trouble finding gun sound effects that will work with the PICAXE chip. I am new at using PICAXE, and so if anyone could explain how to make reasonably realistic gun sound effects using a PICAXE chip (If it is possible to do so), your help would be greatly appreciated.

The Big I

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I have read the manual, but all that it has on there, that i can see, is how to make different pitched beeps, which isn't particularly gun-like.


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The PICAXE, like most programmable microcontrollers, doesn't have gun, rocket, explosion or other sound effects built-in, just simple SOUND and TUNE generation. The usual way to provide those would be to find a sound generator chip which produces the sounds you need and control that from the PICAXE. They aren't always easy to find so an alternative is, as suggested, to use a sound recording chip, record your own sounds and trigger those in a similar way.


believe it or not our school did a similar project, laser tag that we eventually set up at the school fair, to create the firing and death sounds ect. we used a loop to create lasery sort of sounds

if b1>50 then let b1=b1-1
sound 1 b1,3
goto main