PICAXE Floating Point


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Hi All

Some years ago I was considering using an SI514 silicon oscillator with the PICAXE. The maths to get that thing programmed is quite tricky. Not so bad if you have 64 bit floating point or a little trickier if you have 64 bit integers available. Anyway I had a look at developing a basic floating point routine for the PICAXE and got it going. In the end though I never progressed that project and moved on to another project. But if anyone is interested here are the floating point routines: https://github.com/ianm8/PICAXE-Floating-Point

The format used is 32 and 64 bit IEEE 754 but without implementation of infinite, or NaN or subnormal numbers.

Cheers, Ian


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That is pretty impressive.. I'm tempted to give a go at 64-bit floating point division math just to see how long it takes to run :)