PICAXE Editor 6 user guide - is there such a thing?

I have searched for something resembling a user guide and not found anything. Oddly, I've also not found mention of such a thing in this forum (assuming the search feature is working correctly and/or I'm using it correctly). Surely such a complex piece of software cannot exist without some sort of user guide?

FWIW, the best introduction I've found is in Part 2 of this thread:


which also provides a good step-by-step guide for beginners.

If anyone knows of more comprehensive help material, could they post a link here?
Page 71 onwards of the Getting Started manual consists of nineteen pages of example tutorials (unless I'm looking at the wrong document). While useful, this is not what I meant. I was wondering if there was anything that actually documented all the features of the editor.

My question is not an idle one. I have worked in software most of my life, but am new to this particular application. It has been my experience, and that of others, that when approaching a complex application tool/IDE, inefficient work can result from learning just enough to 'get stuff done', but stopping at that point and never discovering advanced features. For example, I work mostly on Mac and discovered a new feature only yesterday. It's trivial and it doesn't matter what it is, but I've worked on Macs for 28 years and this feature has been present for at least 15 years, but I never noticed it. It could have made my life easier.
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