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I taught my second class in programming 08M2s last night at Bit Torrance (my new school at my new office). It was National Computer Science Education Week, and it helped that we rolled happy hour into it. From my experience, bits & beers go together well (PICs & pints?)... our "Happy Hour of Code" went well over 3 hours! Students were all 50+ gents and everybody had a blast. One non-tech fellow originally came just to take pictures but I put him at an extra station and there was no turning back. We're all professional toy designers. Many more classes to come next year, I enjoy spreading the Rev-Ed gospel here across the pond where Picaxe is virtually unknown. Two of these guys had tried Arduino and failed, and they were loving this stuff. Once they discovered the built-in Christmas songs, it was all over. Genius! Like kids on Christmas. Anyway, expect more orders soon from the Yanks, and make more Picaxes, Santa Clive!

Merry Christmas from Los Angeles!

BTW I made neat little Li-Ion powered Picaxe breadboard bases that everyone used. I'll have to write that up and submit as a project.

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Well done Mr. Erco... that class would have been just too much fun! Especially combining two of my more favorite pastimes, Picaxe and cold ones!
Wish I could have been there. I will keep an eye out for your project write-up.