PICAXE & Arduino (code size comparisons - just for fun)


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spend $4.30 at TI for a Launchpad and find out for yourself.
It's great value, but I have enough things to grapple with at present, I don't need to learn yet another tool chain :)

stay with the PICAXE. Much kinder for my brain.
Certainly easier to learn that's for sure. And the fact that you can get a working system running with nothing more than two resistors, a socket and a cable (with maybe a decoupling cap or two) is a real plus.


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I looked at this post , mrburnette, because I had replied to your post re my battery/charger. In my reply I mentioned that I might use it for my Arduino data acquisition system. I wish to share these comments re Arduino: !. It is the libraries which eat up the memory. For my (only) Arduino project, I had to use copies of some of the libraries and delete calls I was not using in order to get the program into the memory. 2. It is very fast. 3. Less soldering, 4. Do not be deceived by the provided examples; Arduino is C++ programming and I am a special case as a PICAXE fan since I am a retired professional C++ Software Engineer (from BAE Systems). I can, and did, write my own libraries.
So, I do not think that Arduino is suitable for most persons in this forum.