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Where is picaxe heading in 2022, I'm no expert, I don't have 40+ years programming, I feel I'm 20 years late discovering picaxe, I'm an electrician but gave just found picaxe and love it. But when I look about and say lets add say wifi, Bluetooth, lets talk to the web etc, there are loads of possibility for other platforms, so picaxe is aimed at education ok that's fine, but I bet the average child user wants go way beyond what I am capable of, I see Basic as a great way to program I feel like they need to update, move with the times where I bet education currently is? I se previously there was the netserver something but with iot these days I think they are missing a trick and bring picaxe much more mainstream? I'm a convert and this really is a great forum.


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Rampz, adding wifi and Bluetooth/Ble to Picaxe is pretty easy! You can find modules for Bluetooth (Hc-05), Ble (HM-10, AT-09) and WiFi (ESP8266) that are easy to use with a Picaxe through a simple serial connection.

I have done projects using the ESP8266 module to connect to the Internet and update/fetch data (http://steliosm.net/site/?Projects:IOT_Cubee). I also have projects using Bluetooth (2.0) and Ble to connect to apps on mobile phones, tablets and PCs (http://steliosm.net/site/?Projects:BlueTooth_Treat_Dispenser). So, yes IoT project are pretty doable with a Picaxe!


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Thank you Steliosm food for thought, attached is a picture I have just taken of my home mains board, its a typical display of how my mind works, somewhere in there is the picaxe mp3 player, the whole house is KNX controlled and I had to become an integrator to do it all etc, music is streamed room by room over IP, security is in there too, we have a full LNB masthead system with IP control



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@Rampz--impressive indeed. Can you explain in a bit more detail what all of that stuff is? I could google, but KNX and LNB are greek to me (nothing implied, Steliosm--Ευτυχισμένο το νέο έτος).


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hope to find a PICaxe to KNX solution sometime
That is an impressive array of hardware. I had not head of KNX - presumably a play on 'connects' - but Wikipedia gives a reasonable overview of the technical side of things - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KNX_(standard)

Integrating a PICAXE into a TP1 system looks like it may be possible but there could be challenges of signalling and the need for collision detection. There do seem to products and board which handle all that along with interfacing and timing but they don't seem to be cheap.

I would guess it's going to need an X2 to support background serial receive. I suspect the hard part will be in getting to understand the protocol, the data sent and received, how to configure each PICAXE to exist within a network.