Picaxe 08M line following walker


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Do you need to reverse the drive motors? Is you must reverse why not parallel 1 output to do the reverse i.e. drive both motors in reverse from a single output thus freeing up a potential input/output.

You should be able to get 1 output left motor fwd, 1 out put right fwd, 1 output reverse.


The motors draw a starting current of about 2 Amps and a run current of about 0.2 amps. I used two Toshiba 8080K Hbridge chips. I thought about tying an input together to save a channel, but in the end I wanted to be able to go forward, backward, turn right and turn left.

The hbridge chips I used are terrific and work very well with the picaxe. Here is a link to a brief description:

have fun!