Pic programming on picaxe circuit board


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Hi, im wondering if it is possible to programme a standard 18 pin pic chip placed in a pre made picaxe project board(the ones available from rev-ed) without removing it from the circuit and using the serial download cable. Will it be possible to programme the pic without making the modifications to the board that are stated in the spec sheet pdf.

Also, will a pic behave in the same way when substituted for a picaxe (assuming the modifications have been made) and when blasted with exactly the same basic code and can the same sofware be used. (the picaxe programmer software)
Will settings need to be changed?

I am wondering this as I have a picaxe circuit that must be working (A-level standard) therefore if I blow the chip,which i have done before, and dont have a replacement, then will a pic chip easily take my picaxe's place without much bother.

And yes I could just order some spare.



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Any pin compatible 18-pin PICmicro can be dropped into a PICAXE-18 Project Board, but you won't be able to program it from the Programming Editor by using the standard PICAXE Serial Download Cable. You will have to remove the PICmicro and progam it using a PICmicro Programmer.

A PICmicro won't behave in the same way as a PICAXE unless programmed to behave that way. You can't simple download a Basic Program into it; you need to convert that to Assembly Language and then 'burn' the PICmicro. Using the Rev-Ed PICmicro programmer you can convert Basic Programs to Assembly Language, but not all commands and PICAXE capabilities are supported. The capabilities available and settings used will depend upon which PICmicro you are programming.

A PICmicro could be used as a 'fall-back' for a damaged or lost PICAXE in some cases but it would probably be far easier to just get a spare PICAXE processor.


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