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I have a temperature data collection program using 18M2 that stores the readings in eeprom. I use the PE6 Terminal Utility to display the readings read from eeprom as they are collected. I have also set up a adatalink port using C.6 and B.7 to send serin C.6, N4800 ("G") and then serout B.7, N4800 the data to DataLink Utility. I must not be using the Utility correctly. When DataLink is selected from the PE6 screen, I do not see any options selections on the screen. I can send data and see it shown in the rectangular box above 'Upload', but I see no choices for graphing. The screen I have seen of a working datalink has " File........Option...." across the top of DataLink screen: I see none of that.

Where in my life have I gone so wrong that even these simple pleasures are denied me?


PA Anderson created all of the "data log" to eeprom code I used except for portion attached and other minor changes

	high C.3	; Looking for "G" return to start LED
	serin C.6, N4800, ("G")
	pause 10
	serout B.7, N4800, ("Address",com,"Temp",CR,LF)
	low C.3	;  got the "G"  so now send data to DataLink Utility
	gosub LinkDump
	low C.7	; data sent LED
	goto lock
	high C.7	; sending data LED
	Read AddressPtr, address
	if address = 0 then noLoggedData
	address = address - 1
	for n = 0 to address
		read address, data0
		serout B.7, N4800, (#address,com,#data0,com,CR,LF)
            serout B.7, N4800, (0)  ' added to indicate end of transmission of data  (made no difference in out come)
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The process you are using looks correct so, check wiring carefully.

Check also that terminal is closed when using datalink - they both can't use the same com port at the same time.


Thank you. I did find and fix a problem in FOR/NEXT where address in READ and SEROUT replaced by n, and I up loaded data to datalink. The data was recorded and graphed. To use the graph I need to change
the vertical and horizontal scale, but there appears to be no way to do that. DataLink screen still appears as I previously
described it: i.e. no menus and no options aside from the icons at the bottom right.

What am I not doing correctly to see additional options for displaying data?

As Gilda Radner would say: Nevermind
As I understand from experience DataLink does not work.
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