PE scaling issue with high resolution monitors


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I have run into an issue with PE6 looking fuzzy if I change the scaling in Windows 10 (build 1809). On my laptop with 14" 1920x1080 screen, I bumped scaling up to 125% (Start -> Settings -> System -> Display: "Scale and layout") so the File Explorer, desktop icons, etc text isn't so small, but that has caused PE6 to have fuzzy looking text that's hard on the eyes. Here's what PE6 looks like with scaling enabled (chunky/fuzzy text in editor and menus):

PE6-Scaling Issue.PNG

I can turn scaling off/back to 100% before launching PE6 so the text is clear and just use a larger font size in the editor and deal with the tiny text on the menu options, but that's a hassle and I never remember to do this on the first go.

I've experimented with every setting in the compatibility settings on PE6 executable and thought I found the winner with "high DPI scaling override":
PE6-Scaling Issue1.PNG

The text is nice and clear but as you can see with the red arrows, some of the options no longer fit and things like the find and replace dialog is completely unusable:

PE6-Scaling Issue2.PNG

Any chance your team could investigate updating PE6 so it looks good when scaling is used?