PCB Layout


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Hi guys,

really appreciate everyone's help.

just a quick question - in the template above that had been causing confusion:

why does the designer use lacing holes which seem to go ”one above, one below” in stead of the 'normal' square configuration?

i hope I’m making sense..

rxhul, no-one knows. Please forget all about that very bad, terrifically horrible layout, and spend an hour or so to learn how to make a schematic and proper printed circuit board layout with whatever platform works for you. Asking the forum to guess why someone else did something wrong is a waste of time. You've been given schematics and PC layouts that will work.

Do you really need to analyze why someone else did something wrong? Do it yourself correctly.

Have you built this circuit on a breadboard? I suspect not, and jumping from a bad layout directly to a printed circuit is a recipe for failure. As AlleyCat said earlier in this thread, you really need to get your priorities in order. What do you intend to do, how do you need to do it?

This is my last post on this topic. Good luck.
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