Pan and tilt problem solving with seros

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I intend using a pan and tilt project with my students next year but I want to just make sure I won't have any unforseen issues. I had a major one this year with a different project so I thought I would throw it to the forum to pick at.
A pan and tilt style mechanism with an analogue joystick to control it.
Using a PICAXE 20M2 to control 2 x servos.
The system is controlled using a playstation style joystick.
One of the biggest problems I can see will be the jitter.
I will drop capacitors across the power rails for both the chip and the servos.
I had a look in the forum at a post: I find servo signals from M2 chips pins B.3 and B.4 are jerky...?!
Dated: 05-04-2014.
I will be taking into consideration the points raised..
Can you see any other major circuit/program pitfalls that will stop the project?

If you are one of my students and you have found this, well done but it probably won't help you with your folios.

Thank you for your time.
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Servo jitter can usually be completely removed by having your program loop and providing the servo timing using PULSOUT commands and suitable delays to keep the frame rate acceptable rather than using SERVO commands. What you are proposing would seem to suit that style of program if jitter turns out to be a problem.