Package Library available in PICAXE VSM?


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Hello all, I'm new to the PICAXE/VSM area and have a question regarding the references to the ARES Package Library in the ISIS Tutorial (which demonstrates creation of ISISTUT.DSN).
Is a version of this library available for download and import into PICAXE VSM or some other substitute package library available?

PICAXE VSM doesn't seem to include the ARES package library (at least my version doesn't i.e. Rel 7.2 SP4 Build 4937) hence the steps around "Making a new device" in the ISIS tutorial are not relevant and I gather new devices can't be completed without a package library.

I wasn't looking to make PCBs but I am interested in the packages for all the devices in the library.

Thanks in advance for any advice,


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The ARES PCB features are not included in PICAXE VSM, but you can still make a new device without an ARES library. Simply type any text in as the PCB library part name.

You can also use the correct default ARES package type names (such as DIL14) if you know what the name is! - all without the library being installed. A quick look at a similar part that is already installed will often give you the correct ARES PCB name.