OT: Memory test...


I was looking at some old 70's papers with some circuits - just out of strange interest.

There was a schematic for a video synch pulse generator.
The component listing showed a thing called a "videcolor deflection coil".
But it doesn't show up on the schematic , so, sadly, there is no point me posting it.

I was just wondering if any of the mature ex-engineers here had heard of one?
I can only assume it was spelled correctly as it was written in engineer's hand writing.
(Which, in fairness, is usually better than a GP's :) )

I tried Googling but ended up on a porn site so I don't think that was it.
And my crystal ball has been rubbed down to the size of a pimple on this site ;)
So, I'm stuck - any ideas? Cheers.


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Is it the videcolor throwing you off? The deflection coil is what was used to aim the electron beam in a video CRT.


Thanks, yes I'm happy with the deflection coil bit, I just was interested in what the videcolor device might look like and how it possibly connected to the schematic.
The drawing gives no mention and neither does it have any apparent 'spare' wires that might go to the videcolor thing.

I was just trying to guess, oops I mean, reverse engineer where it might go.
I was just curious.


KeithRB: yup, I assume that is the case too. And because of spelling I assume it was North American.
It's probably before UK & Euro companies commonly used American spelling.

Cheers Ec.
The schematic is from the 70's don't forget so it could be a 60's product or Company name.

Yes, V I D E C O L O R is what is written in listing.
Not VideOcolor or VideOcoloUr.
Like I said, I have to assume that the author has spelled it correctly.
Quite a mystery (for me if no-one else :) ).


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Videcolor in this case may refer to the color format used in fiming. Like Technicolor, you used to see the notation in a movie that said filmed in Technicolor or Videcolor.
Not sure how that relates to the TV deflection coil though.


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Here's a short reference from a forum post asking the question, "What where the best color tv sets in the '50's beside "R.C.A", from techicall points of wiew."

Telecolor 3007 02-16-2005, 03:57 PM @yagosaga: At the fiest models, "Teleocolor 3006/3007", the transzistors where imported from the former G.D.R., some capacitors where Romanians, the picture tube where "Toshiba" (Japan), "Videcolor" (France), "Unitra" (Poland). You're that guy from Germany, who owns an "Telefunken" PALcolor 708T and 740T, an "Grundig", an "Metz" Capri Color 6285 and some more old tvs. My "Normende" haves an "Telefunken" picture tube. Someone tryed to adjsut it, but tghe set haves a small electric problem.

LINK: http://www.videokarma.org/archive/index.php/t-31798.html


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Dippy, perhaps you could use your creditable influence and suggest a Off Topic section to the forum, as there is often the odd topic outside the general scope of the forum posted (like this), and i am sure there is many who would like to ask OT questions to the general collective knowledge base of members.

Judging by the comments to this thread and several others it would be welcomed by many to share their knowledge base.


Thanks TCH.

SABorn; Oh how I wish I had any influence. Mine is minus 273.
I'm sure hippy and Rev-Ed have seen this and the other dozens of sensible requests for extra sections.
I can't imagine what they have against extra ones e.g. RandomOT and Turorials (or a variety of Wiki).

If it's cost or resources then someone should say so - then we can give up asking.
If it's not in the (ghastly term) Mission Statement then change it :)

I'm sure I recall that a Tutorial section was going to be started some years ago.
If it's a worry about managing the postings then say so.
In between making Moonshine and Pub-Quiz hippy has plenty of spare time to keep it real.
Assuming it's possible to add it, then try it and if it doesn't work then dump it.
If you look at other sites (e.g. Proton 'Lounge') they have loads of sections - too many maybe?

Some carefully considered feedback would be nice and I've been holding my breath for 2 years now ;)
I would have thought that anything sensible which attracted more people (via Search Engines) then it gives the Rev-Ed product a higher visibility (i.e. a cheap Ad).

I'm going to call Jeremy Kyle...


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The several suggestions re VIDECOLOR are interesting... However, seeing as the spelling prowess of engineers often are wanting, there is another possibility: WIDE COLOR Deflection coils (yoke) and circuits.
Right around that time in the US, newer colour picture tubes were offered based on wider deflection angles than what was heretofore offered. The associated deflection coils, and the excitation waveforms needed to be different to make it all work OK. Could this be what you are puzzling about???


Wide Color... there's a thought.
I would imagine the original designer has shuffled of this mortal (deflection) coil by now.

I was really just interested in what the mystery BOM item was as it didn't show up in any way on the associated schematic. There isn't even a manufacturer name on the drawing to try and get a clue.