OT: L4941: LDO 7805 Replacement?


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Data Sheet

While mousing around on the Mouser site, I stumbled across this LDO 5 volt regulator that, in a 3-lead TO220 package, appears to be a pin-compatible 7805 replacement,. It has less than 1/2 volt dropout vs approx 2 volts for the 7805.

It doesn't seem to require the large output capacitor that some LDO regulators want. (The data sheet implies that it's happy with a 22 uf electrolytic or a 10 uf tantalum.)

Does anyone see a "gotcha" with this part?




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Well I've used LDOs and designed a few before there were integrated ones and recently read a rap on 'em... one item is higher quiescent pin current in general -
recently I ordered two low current LDOs from Mouser but they haven't arrived - but I notice they showed quiescent currents [these are 50ma type stuff] . It's my impression that sometimes things get worsely odd [!] as you go below the dropout point so best to test what happens as this occurs and look carefully at the data sheets also - should work out generally!

I got the TI LDOs yesterday and looked at the data sheets and note the picky specs for the output capacitor for stability on both - specifying the ESR as well as capacity -
TPS77001 50ma TPS76201 100ma - adjustable - I'm going to run at lowest voltage that works for best battery endurance... "Ground current" ca. 18ua

A good 3amp LDO is the Micrel MIC29302BT.... q.v. [ground current .3 to 100ma]
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