OT: "Found" Project Boxes


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Someone just gave me an old 3 1/2 inch plastic floppy disk box. He asked me if I had any use for it and, just as I was about to say that I haven't used floppies in years and I couldn't use it, I realized that it was the perfect size to house a small project.

I said "thank you!"

If you have any of these lying around, take another peek at them. (I tossed a number of these some years ago, doggone it! Didn't even think about building stuff into them...)



Old external tape drives are great too.
The 5.1/4" bay can be blanked off with a blanking plate that you'll find in your PC box left over from when you last put in an extra drive and the case comes with it's own 5v,+/-12v switchmode supply.
Blank 5.1/4" bays house a 2X16 LCD and several buttons very nicely.