OT: Boston Dynamics "Big Dog"


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Sorry in advance for the off-topic post. This isn't a Picaxe project (or at least I don't think it is...) But it's so impressive that I just had to share.

"David L. Jones" posted, in sci.electronics.design, this Youtube link of a video showing the performance of Boston Dynamics' "Big Dog" four-legged walking robot.

In the video, the robot faces many challlenges: an aggressive side kick, all terrain navigation, walking on glare ice, carrying a heavy payload, walking uphill in the snow, dancing, and jumping, to name a few. It successfully met all challenges.

Its walking behavior is so natural that it's almost scary. The video dramatically shows how far the state of the art has advanced. I had no idea!

I hope you'll enjoy this, and that this video might serve as an inspiration for your own efforts.

Have fun!



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Tom--terrific video. Makes me think that the first really useful general household robot may be a centaur model, rather than a tank or a two-legged thingy. It's so biological-looking that it appeals. The knee catches on the ice were amazing. Noisy, tho.

Fido, go fetch me a cuppa joe. I might never leave the armchair.


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Oh, yeah!

I watched that video about five more times after I posted that message, and was shaking my head in amazement every replay. I'll probably play it a bunch more before I believe what my eyes are seeing.

You're quite right about that amazing knee recovery. That looked like such a natural move that it was hard to believe that I was watching a machine. Something like that gives me a whole new appreciation of biological systems, too.

I'm glad you enjoyed it!



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Truly impressive.

At 1:38 ( as it struggles on ice ) it does look like two people facing each other having each climbed halfway into a rucksack head first. I'd never realised dogs worked liked that, ala pantomime horse but the person at the front walking backwards.

Not exactly 'sealth mode' at present, but I presume it'll be quieter when the military have it walking into enemy territory then exploding.