O/T: What is this thing called and where can I find one?


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Hi folks!

Does anyone recognize this metallic thing? If it exists only in my head, it's okay, you can tell me!

Thank you PicAxe folks! (Yes, I need ‘em for a PicAxe project!)

:) joe

(It's also okay if you make fun of my artwork!) :)



A connecting rod/link

A crank is usally an "arm" fixed to a rotating shaft to convert circular motion to reciprocating motion.

John West

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I'd call it a "swing-arm," but I think Joe has hit on it.

There are numerous common and technical terms for this sort of thing. A mechanical engineer might call it one thing, a mechanic another. You just have to hit on the right one in order to do a good web search or to communicate with a vendor. It can be harder to do than than it might seem.


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If we’re allowed to award points, then I shall award two.


Good job, JaguarJoe! That’s it!!

And the second point to:
John West:
It can be harder to do than it might seem.
John, again your are right on the money!

I’ve been looking for a couple of months and finally decided to ask for help on my favorite place to hang out, the PicAxe Forum. Since I couldn’t find the “exact” item I needed - I built it.

Using a cabinet "hidden hinge" and a section of R/C brass tubing, (some solder and a bright worklight) it sure works for me!!

Thar she blows: [see attachment]

Thanks folks! I love this Forum!!

:) joe



Awww ... poor Pete ; you feeling 'left out' , unappreciated , unloved and ignored?
Don't worry , the rest of us saw what you had typed.
Eclectic will send you an e-cuddle.;) (or should that be :eek: ? )

"It can be harder to do than than it might seem."
- the usual solution is as follows:
Post it on the PICAXE forum and wait.....
Where there is a competitive spirit (Please Teacher!) you'll usually get the answer. :)
A terrific Forum.
Totally awesome.


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InglewoodPete, I’m really sorry! You too get a point!

I printed the PicAxe Forum page before racing off to the doctor appointment. The page break between pages did not print all of your post!

Or an elbow joint.
Didn’t print at all!!!

Peter, please accept my apology!!


John West

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I checked with a friend of mine who has no difficulty identifying things, and she tells me that what you have there is undoubtedly a "thingy." If it were larger it would be called a "gadget."

I'm forever fascinated by her descriptions of technical items. Although to fully appreciate them you have to be able to see the hands waving around as well.


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Ah yes, another "speak with hands" person. One of my daughters had a "speak with hands" friend when she was about 13 years old. We had discussecd whether the girl could speak if her hands weren't moving, so I walked up behind her and grasped her wrists as she was talking. Sure enough, her mouth kept moving but no sound came out...

People like that do give good descriptions of things.