Nuts & Bolts mag to host Pixaxe primer


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Nuts & Volts mag to host Pixaxe primer

Just received Dec. addition of Nuts and Volts and they are starting an every other month Picaxe Primer section by Ron Hackett. While N&V has had many Picaxe articles in the past it's nice to see a regular installment start and I'm sure it will bring more people to our ranks.

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The response can only be good for PICAXE. You only have to look at the large proportion of forum participants from Australia and New Zealand: mostly on the back of the many articles in the local 'Silicon Chip' magazine.

Stand by for an onslaught of new forum members from North America ;o)


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Yeah- modest cough- guess I had a hand in that... FWIW Ron is the same guy who cracked N&V with his PICAXE articles late 2006, & he & I have exchanged assorted ideas directly. Stan ("SiChip" contributor)


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Modest cough? Stan, stand up and take a bow I say! I for one went straight out and bought a Picaxe system after seeing your first article in the Feb 2003 issue of Silicon Chip Mag, and have been using the Picaxe ever since (and I dont think I am the only one).
And I the same with Ron's articles in January - March of this year. Getting coverage in what is essentially the only electronics hobbyist magazine in the states certainly can't hurt.
Well, I'm no expert (that's for sure!), but I'm hoping that my articles and the "PICAXE Primer" column will help to spread the PICAXE word here in the States. I have already received dozens of emails from US readers who have used the articles to get started with PICAXE programming, so it's a start!

I frequently mention the PICAXE Forum as a great source of info and help, so there may well be some new members from the US - at least I hope so.

The column is definitely intended to help people get started with PICAXE, so (at least at first) I won't be doing anything fancy. I have at least a year's worth of pretty basic ideas - after that, who knows! Ron

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I see that EPE magazine UK has a picaxe project
also, they are 2 months behind when they arrive
in OZ, so that would be the Oct 2007 edition ?, I
didn't look, or buy it. The local newsagent has
copies of EPE and Elektor every now and then.
But we can't get N&V here in Australia as far as
I know. It's been a while since I checked the
publishing houses/importers.

Edit:Just googled and it was EPE, Oct 2007
Build your own seismograph.
It's a start :)
I don't need one, my windows rattled at the last 3.2
quake we had here in June.
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Ron. Good luck with your new primer series. N&V provided a useful introduction to key PICAXE features back in the August & September issues. Although the application was rather specific (rocketry flight recorder) many useful techniques were covered. Including, non-volatile FRAM storage and data export to an Excel spreadsheet. The advantages of operating from a single 3.6V NiCad battery were also described, together with details of a 3 V low-drop regulator with automatic power-down. Interfacing to a range of sensors, via the ADC and I2C ports, was also covered.