NewBie Question Setting up the 18X


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Hi all,

Im just getting started with these things and all Im doing is trying to get an LED to flash on and off. I have the chip set up on a bread board. Im using a 12volt power supply and a 5v regulator so the entire project runs on 5v. However Im getting some odd operations.

My pin set up is as follows.
Pin 14 tied to 5V
Pin 5 tied to ground
Pin 3 tied to two resistors (10k,22K) and then to ground
Pin10 Flashes the LED (The led has a resistor)

So now when I power up the project sometimes it works find and sometimes it doesnt. The only way I can get it to work everytime is when I touch one of the 10K or 22K resistors with my finger, as soon as I let go it stops. I tried tying Pin 3 directly to ground with no resistors but that doesnt work either. It seems to me like the problem Im having has to do with the Pin 3 but Im not really sure how to fix it. Any help would be greatfull. I searched on the forums and found alot of conflicting answers so Im not really sure where to go.



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Pin 4, the reset pin, needs to be tied to +5 through a 4k7 resistor. (That value isn't critical.)

Have fun!