New Version 3.2.6 now available


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We are pleased to announce 3.2.6 of 'Logicator for PIC micros' is now available for free download from the software pages at

This is a free upgrade for any 3.x.x licence holder.

The recent releases notes are copied below for information.

- Added full support for PICAXE-18M
- Updated PICAXE compilers to latest Universal Enhanced versions
- Updated all manuals and F1 key shortcuts
- Fixed issue with display of LCD Panel
- Corrected Play Tune tooltips text
- Debug window now automatically loads if Debug command used within flowsheet
- Added 'Clear PIC Hardware' option to PIC menu

- Modified all dialog boxes so they are now always displayed over top of panels
- Added automatic 'panel hide' feature whilst drawing (Options menu)
- Fixed issue with delete row feature
- Added target PICAXE type to simulations
- Improved simulation handling when changing PIC types, opening files etc
- Speeded up Simulation download time
- Added buzzer sound to AXE102 Alarm Simulation

- Added Live Test (ICE-In Circuit Emulation) feature (Simulation>Connect menu)
- Increasity clarity of Digital Panel display by hiding unavailable i/o numbers
- Enabled PICAXE plugin progress windows during downloads for increased user feedback
- Updated Soft Simulation playback to support v1 or new v2 files from Logicator Soft Studio
- Added additional Soft Simulations of PICAXE projects kits (AXE101,102,105,107,130)
- Added status info to the Soft Simulation window
- 'Play User tune' now simulates within Soft Simulation projects
- Fixed various minor Soft Simulation issues

- Created shareware version
- Improved line drawing routines and user interface (right click no longer required)
- Improved line deletion routines
- Added 'Swap Yes and No' option to Edit menu
- Added insert/delete row/column options to Edit menu and right click pop-up
- Dropping a cell over an existing cell now auto inserts an extra row for the new cell
- Re-arranged menus slightly for increased clarity (added Options menu)
- Added 'Gosub' cell as alternative to 'Do Procedure' (functionally equivalent)
- BASIC cell contents now also colour syntax highlight
- Removed occasional incorrect 0x0 error message when programming the 20M
- Corrected columns only being added in multiples of 3
- Corrected issue downloading into simulations
- Simulations are now automatically tiled upon loading

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Compatibility with the old

Where to ask some questions about your new v3.2.6 of 'Logicator for PIC micros' :

Is it only for PICAXE or for PICs too, like the old versions?
Will it work with the old Programmer too (for non Axe PICs)?