New PICAXE Website


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We are very pleased to announce the new PICAXE website is now live at

The website has had a completely new design and we hope it will now be much easier for you to use. A large amount of brand new and/or updated content has also been added, so please do take a browse!

One new feature we would like your help with is the Project Gallery, where you can upload your finished PICAXE projects. This section is designed to showcase finished projects – simpler articles and tutorials will be better uploaded to the new ‘articles’ section of the forum (which will be available soon).

So the gallery was not completely ‘empty’ at launch we have preloaded a few projects extracted from the forum at random – but we would like lots more projects – so please do upload details of any PICAXE projects you have finished, both past and present!

Obviously this is a very large ongoing project, so if you do find any broken links or hiccups please do let us know, the best way to do this is via the ‘Contact PICAXE’ form at the bottom of each web page – please don’t clog up this forum with simple error reports! We are aware that some ‘Create’ schematics/PCBs are still to be uploaded, we are working on this.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those forum members who helped with this development, particularly hippy, andrew cowan, westaust55 and especially Barney (nbw) for his excellent OhmArt cartoons ( which certainly brighten up many of the pages!

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