netserver lcd display type?


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I've recently bought two picaxe netservers. My question is which backlit lcd (or oled)
can I use, and do rev-ed sell them. I tried the oled display off the axe133, and although
it appears to be wired the same, I get nothing.
The only backlit lcds I have all have different pin arrangements.
Any advice would be welcome.
Thanks john


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I don't have the answer but I believe the OLED requires slightly different initialisation timing than an LCD; the AXE133 firmware differs in its initialisation code depending upon which it is for. It could be that the initialisation code within the PICAXE Net Server is unsuitable for OLED.

In my experience Hitachi HD44780 LCD with backlights work the same as for those without. I usually wire the A and K pins to Vcc and 0V on the display board with a resistor so the pin connection is the same to the controller board no matter which I am using. The pin order is usually the same but A and K connectors can be in different places.

I believe I succeeded in getting all the LCD's I have ( backlit and not ) to work with an AXE132 board but it is a while ago when I did that testing. Most of mine use genuine HD44780 drivers.


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Hi Hippy, looking at the axe133 firmware i did notice the slightly different first byte being one bit out.
Thats probably why the oled wouldn't work. I suppose if i can't find a plug in replacement with a backlight,
I could use plugs and sockets to use an lcd off-board.
Thanks for replying, and should you come across a part number with the correct pinout could you
please let me know.
Thanks again, john


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I0 've found that after spending hours trawling through lcd datasheets, rapid sell a winstar lcd backlit. to get the correct pinout,
it needs to be th 1602A, the 1602b is wired with pin 1 nearest the mounting hole.
regards john