NET module to register 6 DS18B20 Temperature probes



Is it possible to use the output of NET module to record directly T° from 6 T° probes DS18B20 ? Or should i use a complementary board with a PICAXE40X ?

Is it possible to save more data in memory of NET module or do we need absolutely external EEPROM module ? (8192 records for each of 6 probes

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You would need a 28X or 40X.
The memory on the PICAXE net is reserved for the web page storage, so you would need external memeory.


and if I poll from an external server the web page with data, I don't need extra memory. Just to dump T° to web page each 60s.
In that case, can I plug 6 probes DS18B20 ? I read that only one (?) of the output can be configured for 1-wire communication with T° probe ?


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From your posts it seems you are looking for a finished version, that dont require any new code?
I dont think any of the completed products can do that, the net module uses most of the chip for it self, and the datalogger dont have net access, the task is fairly simple, with either a simplelan or the net product, but it does require you to write a small program to get the readings and save them to the net module you use.

If you want the least amount of work, my bet is the net module and a projectboard, as technical surgested earlier.



No no, I don't look at a finished version. :) I'll program myself starting with Wizard eventually.

I read that NET module could be enough, no projectboard required ?



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The NET module will not support multiple DS18B20

You can not do what you want with the NET module - the Firmware reved have placed on there means that it is equipped to only talk at a high level to a DS18B20. It can not initialise the 1wire bus and communicate with multiple DS18B20 on the same 1Wire run.

Nor can the AXE110 data logger that you have previously asked about.