N64 wireless computer controller mod

Nintendo64 wireless computer controller mod

Hello all.
I am currently attempting to convert an Nintendo64 game controller to connect wirelessly to a computer for an emulator.

Before you say that there is a device that already does this. I want to build it myself. I know I could take a wireless controller and put that inside my Nintendo64 controller, but I want to use what I have if at all possible.

My planned set up is to use my wireless keyboards chip inside the controller, map all the buttons to keys, and I have an idea for how to wire in the joystick.

The joystick uses an optical encoding system to determine where the stick is, similar to a ball mouse. This is also similar to how a wheel encoder is on a robot, which made me thing that maybe I can wire the joystick up to a picaxe chip and out put the signal in a way that will transfer over a keystroke system.

I have a few ideas for how the picaxe will communicate with the keyboard. One method I think might work is to convert the joystick signal to a pmw, which would hopefully on the computer work with emulators. This might not work however, since the emulator might not accept that rapid of input properly.

Another idea I have is to send the position data in either serial or parallel data form over multiple keys. I could convert the position to binary. One byte per axis. Then on the computers side make a program that will read the keys as binary and convert that something the emulator can accept. Either a mouse movement, or a joystick movement.

My last option that I can think of, and I think it's quite a long shot, but it might be possible to connect the joystick to the board from the optical mouse that came with the keyboard. This option would prove to be a hassle I think, due to the fact that I would probably not be able to connect the rotary optical encoded joystick to the (non ball mouse) optical mouse.

Any help is accepted. However I do not want to put another wireless computer controller into the n64 controller. And I do not want to use a third party Nintebdo64 controller to utilize their analog joysticks.

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Welcome to the forums.

You might want to provide a link to the 'N64 wireless' I am sure I am not the only one who does not have a clue what it is.


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I didn't really realize people didn't know what it is. It's the game controller for a Nintendo 64.
Unfortunately, assumptions are the worst thing to make.

Generally, if posting a request for help with a non-standard PICAXE item, it is wise to provide a link to datasheets etc so that help will be more forth-coming. If we have to do the work, well ....... most of us have other things to do.

Are you wanting to install a RF transmitter inside your current controller? Or use the existing hardware with a PICAXE and RF transmitter? If the latter, you'll end up using READADC. In the first instance, you'll need to find out where the Serial Data Out line is, and take it from there.


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Here's a thought on how to transfer your X and Y readings from the joystick...

Convert the 256-bit (1 byte) value to a 2-character hexadecimal string and send that as pairs of key presses on the keyboard using the 0-9 and the A-F keys. For instance, if the joystick is at position 127,127 (centered), you'd transmit a sequence of 4 key presses: 7-F-7-F (7F is the HEX representation of decimal 127).

Any remaining keys could be used to send the other button information.

I'd start by coding the part that receives the key presses and translates them to input to your emulator. That way, you can type keys on the keyboard to test and debug your software. Then, after you get that working, tear into the keyboard to interface it to the N64 controller.