My ( even simpler) stripboard shield


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Oh yes, Veroboard fan here also. Half-way house between breadboard and grown-up PCB.

When a circuit has been on breadboard for more than a week the stripboard starts singing to me. %-P



John West

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I almost always use perf-board with individual copper pads around each of the holes. It allows me to place everything where I want it and not waste space. Then, after adding power wiring I use wire-wrap wire for all my signal level interconnects. Of course, without adapter bds perf-bd is useless for SMT work. But then most everything is, so I end up going straight to a PCB layout for SMT's.


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Nice work!

I use stripboard a lot too. For some cases it just can;t be beat. There is absolutely no restrictions as to where you place components, and using a small pin-vise and the right sized drill bit, cuts to the strip traces can be made effortlessly in about 2 seconds. The again I use DIP pattern board a awful lot too, maybe even more. However, this seems like a perfect application for stripboard.


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How about these? Lots of functionality from both the 08Mx and this particular daughter board, which offers the following possibilities:
Motherboard has download socket, download resistors, reverse protection diode and a 100uF smoothing capacitor for driving things like servos. Stress relief for PP3 style battery clip.

1. Potentiometer input on ACD4, push to make on input 3, use internal pull-up or pull down on board, stress relief holes for off-board switch mounting.
2. LDR/Thermistor input on ADC4 with resistor for making a potential divider
3. Holes and resistor for DS18B20 temp sensor
4. Holes (0v, sig, +ve) for ebay special/rapid electronics PIR module
5. Option to trigger events with modified piezo sounder on input 3
6. option to cut the LED panel to remote mount 3 LEDs (usually 1 each R,G,B,) but holes to use a single RGB LED provided too (CC).
7. Current limiting resistors if you want

Daughter board piggybacks onto the motherboard below, either via header pins and socket, or soldered direct. User chooses.

I use them extensively with my pupils, year 8 and upwards. Lots of other more advanced boards available too, including stuff for the 14M2 and the 20M2. Contact me off-forum for further details.


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My introduction to PICAXE was through the AXE092 "Schools Experimenter". Your imagination is the limit. Mine is so old that it came with an 08M, since updated to the 08M2.

So much is packed into that small board and it has an expansion header as well. As second, smaller header can be used for a Serial LCD or a servo.

I still use that kit: just plug in the programming lead, turn it on and add code.