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“My bad “


A way of admitting a mistake, and apologizing for that mistake, without actually apologizing. The best definition I ever read of this, now paraphrased:

"I did something bad, and I recognize that I did something bad, but there is nothing that can be done for it now, and there is technically no reason to apologize for that error, so let's just assume that I won't do it again, get over it, and move on with our lives."

Ruder than apologizing, but with the same meaning: a flippant apology.

"You just spilled your beer on my term paper!!"
"Er... my bad."

2. my bad
(n.) A combination of an apology and a dismissal. Basically, saying "oh yeah, I did that, but I don't care".

Persons of an older generation can find this quite annoying to hear when expecting an actual apology.

"Hey, you spilled my Coke all over me!"
"Oh. My bad."

3. my bad
A grammatically incorrect way of acknowledging (facetiously) a wrongdoing.
Used very commonly by gangsta-wannabes and other sorts of conforming posers, the terrible grammar tends to drive literate people up the wall in absolute irritation.

"Jared! Did you drop the baby?"
"Oh. Ha. My bad!"
"WHAT THE F?!?!"

4. My Bad
A term currently used when a mistake is made on your part. Allegedly originating from an unnamed African Basketball Player in the 1980's (who spoke very poor English)who said it after missing a free throw. Several Sportscasters heard the phrase and used it as a joke until it became a part of popular culture.

“I just sat on your mom, my bad,”

5. My Bad
A term used to tell someone that you made a mistake and apologize at the same time. Originally Used Mostly by African Americans but over the years it has become a more mainstream term; so it is not uncommon any more to hear anyone else (possibly in the professional world too) say it to admit to making a mistake.

Teacher: The answer to #1 is B (then he show his work)
Student: Sir I believe you are wrong. (student explains their answer)
Teacher: My Bad you were right and I was wrong, sorry for the misunderstanding

6. my bad
A hipster way of admitting a mistake that sounds like a two year old who pooped his pants.

Hip person: “oops, my bad. “
Two year old who pooped his pants: “Oops, my bad.”


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Now we know!!

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I'm hoping that it won't catch on Joe . . .

What was wrong with a simple DRAT I ask myself?

I don't think that the older generation need to be expecting an apology for it to grate more than just a little, just a coherent sentence . . . :)


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First time I heard this phrase, I asked, "your bad what?"
Even now I find it an appalling phrase.