MSI upgrade does not work as system account


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Hi there,
we use system center configuration manager to deploy picaxe 6.7.5 initially, now we are trying to deploy 6.9.1.
SCCM installs using the system account, and it appears that it is unable to run correctly - the software does not upgrade.

Manually running the MSI completes the upgrade successfully.

Any idea as to what could be the issue? Looking to upgrade several labs in the near future if possible


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yes we are using the uncompressed MSI.

event log shows an error, pointing at a student network share..... strange because the software is not installed from that location
Picaxe Event log.PNG

No log appears to be generated
Installation command is
msiexec /i PICAXEEditor6.msi /q /L*V "C:\log\picaxe.log"