Mr. Magoo, the Robot

Dave Harpe

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This is my first Picaxe robot, and my first robot of any kind since the 1970s. Things have changed a lot since then, mostly for the better.
I think I will call it Mr. Magoo, because it does not always see things. You can see that in this video: It usually sees round objects like the coffee cans, some times flat objects like the boxes, but not if the angle to the surface is too far from 90 degrees. It hardly ever sees chair legs.
Here is the first video I made of it, when I just got the motor controller working:
It uses a 20M2, which still has 5 pins available on port B. Port C is totally called for.
It's mostly finished, but I may add lights and motion sensors of some kind to the wheels.
Here's another video, after doing some more work on the code.


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Great job Dave! Mr. Magoo is awesome. Welcome to the forum, it's nice to see a fresh face around here, especially from this side of the pond. It's a good summer for PICAXE robots, there have been several.

Ultrasonic sensors are kinda iffy on round objects, the waves reflect at odd angles and miss them occasionally. Sometimes people combine ultrasonic with a Sharp IR sensor, but that might also have outdoor issues. Maybe just add more ultrasonic sensors since they are under a dollar now. :)

Keep on building, my California brother!