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Congratulations to Manuka ( aka Stan ) for his breakthrough into the European Electronics Publishing market - if it's not the first time, apologies for missing the earlier stuff.

Saw the 'choc-block'( mains screw terminal strip ) with hot glue, "Stan's prototype", and could put two and two together without even checking the author's name :)


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Hippy- thanks for the heads up, which initially left me pondering. However the hot melt glue mention was a memory jogger!

Either it relates to the UK summer &quot;silly season&quot; material shortage,or the mails must be moving V E R Y slowly,as I now recall dreaming it up (with subsequent publication by Silicon Chip =&gt; <A href=' ' Target=_Blank>External Web Link</a>)~3 years ago. As part of a wider view on education I've been penning diverse electronic &amp; appropriate tech. material-especially energy related-for years, with (as mentioned before)<b>Elektor </b> the most elusive acceptor.

Mmmm-that breakout approach was rather a colonial one,&amp; I don't even recall sending it further, so guess EPE owe me an explanation. You Europeans should take heart from the article, as if such a quickie idea can get published then I'd say they'll lap up something beefy!

The need to monitor USB currents is perhaps stronger than ever,as some power hog devices (such as the 500 mW Alfa USB WiFi adapter <A href='' Target=_Blank>External Web Link</a>) now demand 2 USB supply lines. Stan

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Recently EPE made some (*cough*) &#8216;improvements&#8217;, and now many of the projects are just recycled Silicon Chip articles, in some cases reproduced imperfectly and without regard for component availability. It&#8217;s a real shame. It&#8217;s like watching a loved one slowly dying, wearing increasing quantities of make-up to hide the pallor. I have stopped buying it. And judging by the frequency of EPE forum posts, so have many others.


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once upon a time i used to subscribe to silicon chip,elektor and a few overseas magazines but now since they are quite literally full of advertising and less content i just don't think it's worth the money.

i get more value out of a forum like this where you can ask a question about somthing your interested in doing

i'm betting that this forum when we'll be able to post pictures and maybe even privatly message people you'll find this forum will be a great deal more popular than it is already, and you'll also find more and more poeple on it who aren't nessarily rev-ed customers