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If you've just come in &amp; don't know about &quot;MakeZine&quot; &amp; the printed &quot;Make&quot; (#11 due any day!), check a whole bunch of fresh ideas over at their site =&gt; www.makezine.com/blog <A href='http://www.makezine.com/blog ' Target=_Blank>External Web Link</a>. The <b>Essential Electronics for Software Folk: Thinking Inside the Box </b> preview caught my eye. Stan
Make magazine has recently made it onto my favourites list after one of my patients told me about it. There are some great ideas. I recently found a couple of tutorials on how to use Eagle PCB for schematics and PBCs - very useful for picaxe designs.

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Dr. If your intertested in pcb design have a look at 'Circuit Wizard', its made by a UK company and is designed to complement Picaxe, for example it has the download conenctor for the USB download cable a part of its library.



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A guy in South Australia is their agent, he calls himself 555Electronics, he's on the New Wave/Circuit Wizard web site. He also advertises in Sil Chip.