Mac Axepad con't find USB

My new Powerbook Pro uses Thunderbolt connected to a USB adapter (Apples) where the AXE027 is plugged in. The computer finds and identifies the cable just fine in the system report, but when I try to find the cable in the MaxAXEpad Options menu it reports that the cable cannot be found. The cable is listed in the USB-3 area on the Mac and is correctly identified as being an AXE027 from Resolution.


It seems to be a problem within MaxAXEpad.

Anyone found a solution ?

Paul Boston,
Scottsdale, Arizona


Senior Member
On the Mac, the OS should create a "/dev/tty.usbserial-XXXXXX" device when the AXE027 is plugged in and that is what MacAXEpad looks for. A number of things have changed with Mac OS and this could be one of them.

It would be worth opening a command terminal and executing an 'ls -l /dev/tty*" or "ls -l /dev/*" ( ell-ess-space-minus-ell ) to see what is listed which may be the AXE027 device.

Once it has been identified the "axepad.ini" file can then be modified to link MacAXEpad to the actual device name.