Looking for Programming Tutor


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Hello all again.

I am hoping to get back into working on my picaxe projects.
But, I always seem to struggle with the coding part of the projects.

I am reaching out here for anyone that has extensive programming/hardware experience that would be willing to train and teach.
Look, I know there is a ton of how-to videos, books, and websites.
I haven't found any college level courses.
I have many of these books and all information provided by the Picaxe website.
In most of my projects I reach a point were I don't grasp something or things are left unexplained.
I am not a total noob, I have a A.A.S in Audio Technology- basically electronics. Hardware and Logic courses, no programming.
If you search my history, you can see some of my projects and history.
Willing to start again from switching leds on/off but want to learn to master Basic coding for a lot more advanced projects. Circuit design, Motor control, LCD

Is the anyone out there willing to train/teach on a one on one basis?
I am willing to pay for quality one on one training.



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Hi Axel87. I'm nowhere near you, but I teach a beginners' Picaxe class to robot clubs in LA. Some of my teaching material appeared in a 5-part series in SERVO magazine. The paper mag is hard to find (mainly subscription), but the first part of each article is available online for free, fully if you pay for it. You can have a look to see if it helps you at all.



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I should have been more clear on my request for help.
I guess I am just looking for someone with experience and patience, that is willing to teach.
Either online chat, messaging, phone, Skype ect.