Long Loading Time for PE6?

Hi Guys. No one likes change. I am slowly coming to grips with PE6.1 after a long and happy relationship with the ever reliable PE5. My question relates to what appears to be a long loading time. I am using XP, and it takes just on 75 secs to fully load, and 15 secs to X-out back to the desk-top. Are these times symptomatic of the beast, or is XP just too old? Would someone running Windows 10 e.g. comment on load times with more up-to-date machines, please.

Ben Baker


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Takes about 1 minute on Optiplex Win7 to load and faster to back out... more features than 83 year old guy can comprehend... ;-0


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With my Dell Inspiron 5348 Intel 3.7GHz 8GB RAM Windows 10, PE6 takes 40 seconds to load a workspace with 12 files and closes instantly. PE5 takes about 7 seconds to load (with no files).
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Thanks for the replies, fellers. You gave me a clue. I closed all the open files - load time is now 22 secs, with X-off 2 secs. Much more acceptable, even with my ancient machinery.

Ben Baker