Logicator exe virus threat?

Hi all
I decided to download Logicator just to see how it is but after downloading the exe file my antivirus (avg) is saying it's a trojan threat and won't let me open it.

Anyone know why?



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It's a false positive. We've reported this to AVG several times and they do nothing...
No other AV has the same problem.

Simply exclude the files from the AVG scan, they are safe.


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I have a similar problem with AVG in spite of excluding the file it stiil knocks Logicator out so occasionally have to re-install.

What is the reccomended way to install patch 3.6.7?



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Turn off AVG. Install.
The method below can be used to exclude the pic-logicator.exe file.
Then turn AVG back on.

To add the exclusions to AVG:

  • Open AvG
  • Select Tools
  • Select Advance Settings
  • Click Potentially Unwanted Programs
  • Select Add Exception
  • Click … which is next to File
  • Select File to Exclude (pic-logicator.exe)