Linux, Mepis 7.0 tested


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Setup is:
- Old P3 based Acer laptop with Intel 830G chipset, 512 MB RAM, 1024x768 display and built-in comport.
- Simply Mepis 7.0 fresh unpatched install (Kernel 2.6.22-1), based on Debian sources and various others. This includes KDE and Kate preinstalled.
- AXE026 programming cable.
- Picaxe 18X chip.
- PIC Interface A V2 board. I think this came from an AXE002 kit.
- Me boss's crazy 6 volt battery pack.

Download and unpacking went smoothly, simple context menus for extraction. KPDF is slow!!!!
Kate setup went smooth. Although, "sudo" doesn't exist in Mepis. I used "su" instead.

Edited and tokenised an old program for a 28X and made a couple of edits to suit the 18X. All from within Kate.
Plugged the comms in and powered up the Picaxe and
./picaxe18x -c/dev/ttyS0 quad_machine.bas
resulted in successful download.

And followed up with
./picaxe18x -c/dev/ttyS0 -t -s quad_machine.bas
which got me correct debugging info coming back. :)

All good. No problems found.

Thanks for the good work to the team at RevEd,
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