LinkOEM (One-wire) interface


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This will be my first post, so hello fellow picaxe users.

I've just acquired a linkOEM board ( to interface several one-wire devices to my picaxe project but I'm not having much luck reading from it. Is anybody else using this board at present? If so how are you getting on?

I can succesfully write to the interface as it has handy AUX output that I can toggle on/off via the serial interface. However, if I try to read data back from the board (i.e. query a one-wire device) I don't seem to be getting the kinds of response I'd expect. Performing a search for devices looks good for the first byte of each response (+ for more devices, - for no more devices), but the 64bit byte addresses don't match what I get if I just hook it up directly to the picaxe and use readowsn. Unfortunately the linkOEM doc is a bit thin on details to help me debug this.

So, if anybody has any experience of using this board or can point me to some good one-wire resources I'd appreciate it. Thanks,



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If you used a 28X1 you could interface directly to multiple 1-wire devices (owin, owout) without any interfacing module.