Laser infrared thermometer

Not that exact model.

They are excellent for

as a medical thermometer,
oven thermostat checking
testing electricity sockets
reflow skillet

and many more uses.



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Mount the temperature sensor on a servo. Scan the yard to find warm bodies. Fire water cannon or tennis balllancher locked onto target. Track and Follow target as it attempts to avoid artillery.


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Nice concept Gramps, albeit scary!
Only thing I can envisage is using just one sensor getting the range corrcet for said projectiles. I would have 3 sensors sweeping the area, then when a target is detected you can then triangulate the intruders position with pin point accuracy. Just a thought.....🤣


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I think two temperature guns mounted side by side on the servo could detect which way the target moved so they could realign the weapon on the victim.
We thought the electronics in these $15 sensors could do most of the work.
Just have the pickaxe align the servo using the data from the sensors .


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I guess if you use water, the dogs will enjoy it, and the cats won't (I expect the dogs go in the yard too).

If I understand right, you want to put two sensers side by side, and as the animal moves closer and farther, both track it, and depending on the position of the servos the picaxe aims the weapon, and fires.

That might take some calibration. Whose going to test it? :)


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I think that both temperature sensor guns and the water cannon could all be mounted on the same platform on the horizontal plane perhaps 12in off the ground 1 servo that could sweep 180 degree could cover the entire yard I don't think the distance to the Target would be important just the direction of the water spray as we have a very small yard only 20 ft deep and 40 ft wide