Landscape printing

Not able to have programme editor print out in landscape format, always seems to default to portrait even though printer is set up for the wider printing.

Can anybody assist please?
I cannot directly help with your problem but you can get round it by pasting the text into your word processor programme and formatting it there. Use Courier New or a similar font to get the columns to line up.
Thanks for the suggestion. It's a long way round though. Surprised there is no page set up in Programming Editor. I suppose one could reduce space on left hand side and cut down on comments to keep within an A4 portrait.


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Landscape printing option

Hi Weenip,

When you are ready to print, go to menu, and select print from there.
Instead of selecting okay, select Setup. On the following page you should get the option of selecting Portrait or Landscape.
Well, at least in my set up I have the option. This may also be dependent on the printer and the printer driver you have.
Thanks MPep.

When selecting Print - Setup - Landscape can be set in that dialogue box and clicking on OK there returns to the Print dialogue but its OK is inactive for a couple of seconds. Printing can only be done in portrait.

Tried printing a selection of the programme only and tried two printers with the same result.

Seems there may be a problem with Programme Editor as I have no difficulty printing from any other programme. I'm running Editor V 5.1.5 on XP SP2


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Just tested this and found the same behaviour as you describe - even though you select landscape in the printer settings it just prints portrait anyway.

I guess I have not found this to be an issue as I format my code so I can see it without scrolling - i.e no one program line is more than would fit on a portrait page and I just spread any comment lines over more than one line if necessary so all is readable in one screen width. Then it will print in portrait mode anyway.
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Weenip & BCJKiwi,

I have never tried it, didn't mean to put anyone wrong.
Just tried it myself, and find the lines wrapping around. Portrait only.

Technical - is there a way around it?


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Landscape printing is not currently supported, although we can look at this for the future. The 'printer setup' dialog simply launches the standard Windows dialog that sets the 'default' printer settings. These are not necessarily used by any application, they are just the Windows 'defaults'.

However if you change to 'RTF' mode (rather than colour syntax mode) before printing you can print in a smaller font so your program may fit anyway

All .bas file are simple text files so can always be opened in your favourite text editor (word etc) if you wish to print in a different way.
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