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Hi All!

I'm new in electronics and picaxe, and to discover it I've tried to make a kitchen minutor.

It can count to 1min to 59min and beep when time is ellapsed. Power is activated by a switch(not present in scheme) and timer is started with a push button.

For demonstration I've limited beep to short time and reduced time to seconds(1sec=1min).

Sorry for my bad english and my electronics skill :) don't hesit to criticize to help me to improve it.



Thanks westaust55 for your suggestion and your appreciation :) I'm working on a new version called "k-minutor"(waw: great title!) with improved time handling, 330R resistors between 7segments ;-), ability to update picaxe....

Until I do it, here're latest pics of old minutor:


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Well done on posting your project.

Looking at the schematic diagram, I would recommend the inclusion of series resistance in between the HCF4511 and the LED segments of the 7-Segment display.

You can use 330 Ohms (330R) for bright or maybe 510 Ohms (510R) for a still very readable display level).

Well done on good formatting / indentation of the program listing and adding of comments.
For the display, it is possible to shorten the program significantly when you consider then you are sending two 4-bit binary numbers to the 18M2 PortB pins as a Binary Coded Decimal (BCD) number.

Once you have the tens and units digit values you can combine these as
b1 = tens * 16 + units

LET pinsB = b1

If you need some further help to use this method in place of the many small subroutines just ask.
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