kiCad libraries for picaxe


Hi all,

as it says in the title, I'm looking at starting to learn KiCad instead of eagle, but I caan't find picaxe libraries anywhere for them.

Does anyone have a handy link I can get both the component and footprint libraries?

thanks in advance


Mikeyboo in the US is/has used KiCAD. See post 62 here

There are occasional other references to KiCAD such as:

but in total only 14 posts across this forum reference KiCAD so seemingly not as popular as some others. Thus the likelihood that someone has generated a library for PICAXE chips is tentatively low.


Thanks also for the PicaxeLibs.
In kicad I just used a standard 14 or 16 or 18 pin DIL socket.
If you need 3D footprints then Renie Marquet has some of the best 3D footprints
on his site:

The IC sockets are fourth item down.
Click the magnifying glass to view the 3D footprint first (not available for all his work).

Also if you use Freecad, (Linux or Windows)
then FreeCad-BCD can import Kicad libraries:

Not tried this myself though.
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