KiCad footprint for 3.5mm stereo serial part TC38-010


I needed this for a project I'm building but couldn't find one - so I designed this by measuring the part and a test PCB that just arrived shows it was correct. You'll want to be mindful of the barrel position marked as it sets the edge of your PCB (or add a cut). Hardest thing was getting those little stud holes to line up so it can fit flush.

Perhaps it will be useful to someone in future, just add it to your custom footprint library via import.



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Thanks for sharing.
I used several software (Eagle, Diptrace, Target, ...) and seriously think using Kicad, although It may take a little more time to master.
Today, I discover that the phone jack I am currently using (Lumberg 1503) is also known as TC 38-029. I know TC38-010 is the current standard on Picaxe board and think using it in a next future.


There's definitely a learning curve between Eagle and KiCad, I struggled a lot at first. I highly recommend downloading someone elses simple KiCad project to study and try to modify, that's what helped me in the end. Key part though is it's really important to do your schematic design before trying to lay out the board.

I would not go back to the others now.