July 4 Flag Waver


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Oops, I missed my July 4 deadline. A big deal on this side of the pond, less so for you Brits. :) My project barely started, but maybe you can see the potential here on its first test. A 20M2 controls eight servos. This is a "permanent" installation on a solderless breadboard (they're only a buck on Ebay). LEDs, voice/speech and flamethrowers to come. :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGWiJcu0WlA

My other July 4 singing, flag waving robot at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vP9Q0VcJBM8

Breadboards for a buck, decent quality, in random colors: http://www.ebay.com/itm/AMIGAZONE-S...ultDomain_0&hash=item19dc593f9e#ht_3944wt_889



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OK, but that will have to wait until what, Guy Fawk's Day? Isn't that roughly the UK's equivalent celebration of the USA's Fourth of July, or has Hollywood's "V for Vendetta" led me astray?


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The Andrew / Pusser - The Royal Navy. We used to have one . . . Jack was a seaman. In The Village People they probably spelled it in the plural :)

It seems that flag waving is a popular pass time and worthy of lots of effort. Both very good videos.


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I used to have that same Mamod steam engine when I was about 10-12.

Notice the Meccano standard holes on the base? And the pulley was Meccano standard also.

Then I got the deluxe version and used Meccano to make a steam powered car. Drove it around the local streets carrying extra water and methylated spirits.



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Sorry guys, the moderators have deemed my flamethrower projects with videos unfit for forum display and deleted them, including editing this project thread back to its earliest configuration. Pity, there's a doozy coming up for Halloween!


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Holy Toledo! That's celebrating!

Could you somehow manage to get the can to blow up at the right time? <GRIN>

PS. When I see your flag waving servos, why do I keep getting the image of a Hollywood chorus girl lineup? <GRIN>